Before getting to this weeks desktop, there's a couple of things I wanted to speak to you about.   Well, not exactly on time, but close this week.   Well, back on track! The update is on time this week and expect the next one to be also, arriving here March 24th.  Second, the previous weeks wallpaper is always still available by clicking the preview to the left found on this page.  Enjoy!

Above is this weeks free desktop.  Back this week to a truly amazing park featured here many times, this is Zion National Park in southwest Utah. Zion NP was established in 1909 and features breathtaking sandstone cliffs among the highest in the world. There are basically three sections park, not just by the variations in what you will see in each, but also by the fact each area requires you to access from a different route. The upper section is Kolob Canyon, a beautiful area which is very lightly developed and offers some very intriguing day hikes with trailheads into the backcountry. The central section is the Upper and Lower Kolob Plateau which is the least developed of the three and one could easily be overlooked as it requires a bit of searching just to find it (this section offers some great views and contains many trailheads for backcountry exploration). Lastly, Zion Canyon is the main, highly developed section where the majority of visitors go when experiencing this park (and for good reason too, it's really beautiful here). Because of the volume of visitors, main portion of Zion Canyon is accessed only through a shuttle service, which presents some parking problems, but these are well worth the freedom from the task of driving in this section of the park. This weeks picture is from the Zion Canyon section, while we were on the Canyon Overlook trail, a rather easy 1 mile round trip hike which ends at a amazing canyon view. Taken in June 2005, the picture highlights the canyon walls as we walked toward the overlook. Zion is a real treasure in America's park system, providing the opportunity for exploration of this amazing landscape. With the layout and volume of things to experience here, without a multi-day visit, you'll just get a glimpse of what it has to offer. Check the links section for more info on Zion National Park.

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