Before getting to this weeks desktop, there's a couple of things I wanted to speak to you about.   Well, not exactly on time, but close this week.   Well, just 14 weeks late on this update. I knew the holidays would pose some problems, but .....  I am back now, and the updates will be regular.  Expect the next update on March 17 and weekly thereafter.  Second, the previous weeks wallpaper is always still available by clicking the preview to the left found on this page.  Enjoy!

Above is this weeks free desktop.  Back once again to one of Americas finest parks, Yosemite National Park. This park was formed in 1890 to preserve a spectacular portion of the Sierra Nevada which manages to contain staggering waterfalls, lush alpine meadows, giant 1000+ year old sequoias, and some very intriguing formations of rock.  This park has inspired poets, painters, visitors and photographers, including my favorite, Ansel Adams.  One of the most popular sections of this park is Yosemite Valley, a glacier-carved canyon which contains some of the most famous formations in the world (El Capitan and Half Dome) along with several truly wonderful waterfalls.  There are many opportunities in this area to gain an elevated perspective of your surroundings, and this weeks shot comes from one you probably haven't heard of, the wonderful and remote Dewey Point.  Located on the trail which runs along the southern rim of the valley, Dewey offers an amazing view that has drawn me back to it several times.  The 8 mile round-trip hike isn't bad, and if you're looking for solitude, this is the place.  There are few things in this August 2006 photo I will try to point out here, so hang on for a quick swing around the valley.  First, starting with the most obvious, that huge light-colored rock across the valley is El Capitan, lit nicely by the late afternoon sun.  Go to the right of El Capitan, past its shade there's a three hump formation which is pretty clear, that is Three Brothers.  Move down the valley and look for a greenish arc on the right, follow it up to the light rock surrounded by green, that is Sentinel Dome about 5 miles away.  Just back to the left of Sentinel is the top of Half Dome, but it's a tough one to spot as it blends in well with the other rock.  Now move towards us to the rocks just in front, this is a formation known as Cathedral Rocks.  That's it!  Without a doubt, the view from Dewey staggering and this picture pales in comparison to seeing this in person!  Yosemite is a fantastic experience, one which could easily consume weeks to enjoy all the possibilities.  I know I'll never consider myself to have the expertise to convey the true beauty of this park to you, such is simply beyond my ability.  The most I seek with my work is to give a brief glimpse of the wonders one can see here and hope you find a desire to expand upon this in person. 

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