Homepage of the National Park Service.

A site for info on the featured wallpaper.

This site with includes the biography, images, and more on Ansel Adams.

The official website for Ansel Adams.

Another site featuring some nice Ansel Adams images.

Site with over 75 of Ansel Adams works.

An excellent site of a Canon photographer offering help and reviews.

A very helpful photography site covering all brands.

The place I go for info and reviews on digital photography.

My original website was from this site.

Above are several links to sites I find quite enjoyable.  The first link will take to the National Park Service were you have access to a great deal of info on our National Parks and Monuments, which also happens to be what is featured in most of my photos.  The second link offers info on the location of each weeks wallpaper.  The next four links are good sources for learning about the photographer Ansel Adams (the first one has links to over a hundred photos, definitely check this one out).  I truly am in awe of his work and hope you take the time to check out his photography, it is inspiring.  The next three links cover very interesting camera equipment sites, the first one is on Canon (my choice), with other two covering all brands.  And the last link is to an excellent site which offers unique free web templates, web buttons, animations, and much more.  My original website consisted of a modified Elated PageKit (Techno) and the rollover Javascript presently used on the Index page is theirs.  If you're thinking about making a website or even considering a change for one you already have, check these guys out!  That's all for now, but I will adding and changing the links regularly.