Above are the free to play online games we are offering this week.  They're all Flash based except the games Couronne Deluxe, River Belle Blackjack and Shock Bowl Lite which are Shockwave based.  If you do not have the necessary software already installed on your computer (the Flash or Shockwave player), you will receive a prompt to download the software (this will be from Macromedia/Adobe's site, not here) and the download for the players can take awhile (Shockwave player is around 3 megs I think, with Flash player being about 1 meg), but it is the only way to play these or any Flash/Shockwave based game.  We will try to add a game occasionally, but this page is slated to be removed in the future to move this site more to just a free wallpaper site.  But don't fret game players, I have a couple of game websites in the works right now and hope they are able to supply your online gaming fix (each will be updated regularly with hundreds of games available for playing).  For now though, Enjoy!