This is Semi-Charmed Life, a website where a few of the best photos I've taken are offered here as unique wallpapers, available for downloading.  You'll also find previews of what backgrounds to expect in the near future, along with several search engine portals here for your inspection and search needs, plus, there's a few of my favorite links to related subjects.  A thumbnail preview of this weeks wallpaper can be seen above left (and is in the same location on most pages) and a new wallpaper will be available each week.  Hopefully, one of the offerings will either give you a different perspective of a place you already know, or possibility, introduce you to a place you've never heard of before.  Truly, I know these shots are not works of art and I'm completely sure none will be confused for one from Ansel Adams, but it is my hope you find these digital slices of time to be worthy of at least a short stint on your desktop. 

Above is as much of me as you'll ever see here.  This was taken by my wife, Janette, when we were hiking in the Tower-Roosevelt region at Yellowstone.  Should you wish to contact me, just use our contact page found on the navigate bar, I'll do my best responding.  Enjoy and I hope you decide to return weekly to see the new wallpapers!