Before getting to this weeks desktop, there's a couple of things I wanted to remind you about.  First, expect the next update on the 3rd, right on time.  I think I've got a handle on my other sites and can stay on track with the updates here.  (:   Second, the previous weeks wallpaper is always still available by clicking the preview to the left found on this page.  Enjoy!

Above is this weeks free desktop.   This time from a park that most of you probably didn't even know existed, Capitol Reef National Park. Located in south-central Utah, the main and truly intriguing feature found here at Capitol Reef is a 100 mile long wrinkle in the Earth's crust called the Waterpocket Fold. This buckling of rock was created around 65 million years ago and today the eroded jumble has created an amazing multitude of colorful cliffs, domes, spires, canyons and arches which provide a truly inviting opportunity for exploring this wonder. I know for a fact that this feature presents a dazzling photo from the air as I've viewed an amazing aerial photo at the visitors center at the park, one on the park brochure, and another on the NPS site to base this on. Personally though, as I am bound by the restraints of reality (and a very strained pocketbook), I've only viewed it from the ground and still find it to be quite impressive. (; There are several good vantage points from the ground here, you just need to do a little research to locate or just ask a park ranger, they'd be happy to point them out. The photo this week was taken in September 2005 on a spur trail off of the 3.5 mile Chimney Rock loop trail which offers a nice elevated view of the area and one of the nice vantage points I've managed to find. This is looking northeast, up a canyon which this cut-through trail followed. This rather unknown park does have a lot to offer as there are many miles of hiking trails (both easy and challenging), adventurous driving routes which open up the back country for those seeking to enjoy the off-road experience, and the opportunity to take a peek into the past through the Fruita Historic District, which preserves some of the 19th century Mormon settlement here. I definitely enjoy the time spent here in this somewhat out of the way park, and believe it well worth a stop if in the area!  

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