Before getting to this weeks desktop, there's a couple of things I wanted to remind you about.  First, I've really gotten off on the updates after returning from this years trip West, but I'm working on getting back on track and hope to be there soon.  Second, the previous weeks wallpaper is always still available by clicking the preview to the left found on this page.  Enjoy!

Above is this weeks free desktop.  Back once again to one of the top three parks in America, Yosemite National Park.  This park was formed in 1890 to preserve a truly spectacular portion of the Sierra Nevada which manages to contain staggering waterfalls, lush alpine meadows, giant 1000+ year old sequoias, and some very intriguing formations of rock.  This park has inspired poets, painters, visitors and photographers, including my favorite, Ansel Adams.  One of the most popular sections of this park is Yosemite Valley, a glacier-carved canyon which contains some of the most famous formations in the world (El Capitan and Half Dome) along with several truly wonderful waterfalls.  There are many opportunities in this area to gain an elevated perspective of your surroundings, but this weeks shot comes from a rather interesting vantage point of around five feet off the Yosemite Valley floor at Valley View.  Located at the western end of the valley, this location affords one a breathtaking ground level view back up Yosemite Valley.  This weeks shot was taken in August 2006 and the Merced River is clearly in its low water mode.  There're a few points of interest seen in this photo, starting at the left of photo, one of the most famous formations here, El Capitan.  Now moving to right side of the photo, you can just make out Bridalveil Fall above the trees and above is Cathedral Rocks.  Without any doubt, Yosemite is a fantastic experience, one which could easily consume weeks to explore all the possibilities just once.  I must say as I do every time Yosemite is featured, I'd never consider to have the expertise to be able to convey the true beauty of this park, such is simply beyond my ability.  The most I seek with my work is to give a brief glimpse of the wonders one can see and hope you find a desire to expand upon this in person.  I don't think this park will disappoint you. 

To set this photo as your desktop, click on the box with the correct size.  Right-click on the image and select the option to "save/set as desktop or wallpaper."  You're done!  If you wish to change the desktop image, simply right-click on your desktop, select Properties, and then select the tab labeled Backgrounds in your display control panel