Before getting to this weeks desktop, there's a couple of things I wanted to remind you about.  First, the updates are shifted a few days the next couple of weeks and will be back on track soon.  Second, the previous weeks wallpaper is always still available by clicking the preview to the left found on this page. Enjoy!

Above is this weeks free desktop.  This weeks shot takes us back to one of my favorite places which is showcased here, from northern Arizona, welcome once again to the Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim. I really do enjoy the feature shots from Grand Canyon as it's one of the top parks in America and my experiences here are ones I will never forget. This weeks photo was taken in May 2007 while hiking the Transept Trail not to far from Bright Angel Point. I was actually off the trail on an unmarked spur which lead to this wonderful overlook of Bright Angel Canyon. The most colorful feature here is Brahma Temple. It might be hard to believe since they are only a few miles apart, but the North Rim and the South Rim offer different experiences from each other, visiting just one side will not give you the complete picture of the park. Even though it takes close to a 200 mile drive to visit both, it is well worth it. For me, it's simply not possible to convey the grandeur of Grand Canyon with words, photos or even video, the best any of these can do is entice one to visit and see this park in person. This place requires you standing on the edge looking out over this marvel to fully appreciate it. Now, just to clarify, there are some amazing shots of the park, ones which can take your breath away, but they all pale to seeing this wonder in person. (; If you want to see one of the top parks in America, plan a visit to the Grand Canyon NP as it's an experience you will not soon forget. 

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