Above is this weeks free desktop. Back once again to a place just outside Moab, UT and one which has been featured here many, times, Arches National Park. Arches NP showcases amazing erosion sculptured rock with the main formations being what's named for, arches. I no longer give the "how an arch is formed" speech, but for those interested, this info can be found at the Arches NPS site in the Links section (they do it much better also (; ). This weeks photo was taken in September 2005 from a pullout off the main park road near Panorama Point and shows the location of probably the the most well known formation found in this park (one can find it's image on the Utah auto license plate), Delicate Arch. Delicate is a beautiful arch which stands at the edge of a cliff, virtually by itself. How this amazing piece survived its formation is something to ponder, and after trekking the 1.5 mile trail with a 480 ft elevation gain to get to it, pondering is something you have time to do while catching your breath. (: Now, since it is a bit tough to locate the arch unless you know where to look and we're looking at it from the side, so let me guide you to it. Direct your attention to the center of the photo, down and to the left you will see several light bands of rock. At the end of the top band is a formation, this is Delicate Arch. Now I know this is not the best shot of the arch, but it does give you a perspective of where it sits. There are some truly great opportunities here to experience this park the way you need to see it, close up. Numerous trails of varying lengths and difficulties take you right to some truly beautiful arches, lead you through (and on) the sandstone fins and other rocks formations, and allow you to enjoy the wonders of erosion found here! This is really an intriguing, beautiful and very entertaining park that contains more sights than can be explored in a single day.

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