Above is this weeks free desktop. This week is the second of four reruns, wallpapers which have been offered before, but I am bringing them back because they hold a special meaning for me. Back this time to a place I'm really sure few out there have even heard of before, let alone visited, Canyon de Chelly National Monument located near Chinle, AZ. Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d'SHAY) is situated inside the Navajo Indian Reservation and is unique in the NPS as it's completely comprised of Navajo land and still has a Navajo community living within it. This national monument was created in 1931 to preserve the ancient ruins found in the canyons, but Canyon de Chelly is more than this, to the Navajo it is Tsegi (SAY-ih), a physical and spiritual home. There are opportunities to further explore the Navajo culture and it relationship with this area, and in doing so, learn about the present and past residents of Canyon de Chelly. As for the canyon system, one can catch truly beautiful views of it from the many available overlooks, or if you so desire, it is possible to experience this from a closer perspective with the help of authorized guides which take you into the canyons. This weeks shot features one of the really interesting formations here, Spider Rock, a 800 foot sandstone spire which rises at the junction of Canyon de Chelly and Monument Canyon. Taken from the Spider Rock Overlook in May 2003 you are looking east with Canyon de Chelly continuing for many miles. Now, even though many of you might not have heard of Canyon de Chelly before, I bet some have seen Spider Rock as it was featured in a 1969 western called "Mackenna's Gold". Interesting little fact huh. (: Even with the fact that you have to travel a bit to get here, this place is both beautiful and interesting making it is well worth considering planning a stop if you're looking for something different.

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