Above is this weeks free desktop. Technically, this is a return visit to a park previously featured here, but I doubt if anyone remembers this wonderful place as the lone shot from here appeared almost three years ago back in March 2003. In any case, once again we present a glimpse of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Located in northeastern California, the landscape of Lassen is filled the reminders of a turbulent past and showcases just how active it still is today. The eastern portion of the park sets on a large lava plateau with many small cinder cones present. The painted dunes and lava bed remnants around Butte Lake are impressive. The western portion of the park contains very active volcanic elements - mudpots, boiling pools, and steaming sulphur vents (but no true geysers here) and the world's largest plug volcano, Lassen Peak. I'll save the info on Lassen Peak until a photo featuring it is offered (yes, there will be one (: ) and just jump to what's featured in this weeks shot. The photo for this week was taken from a turnout off the main park road just past a geothermal section called Sulphur Works in early September 2005. We are looking west with the prominent feature here being the 9235 ft. Brokeoff Mountain literally in the clouds as there was some nasty weather moving in. This peak is part of what remains the western edge of the a very large volcano called Mount Tehama which ended it active period long ago and collapsed. With a centrally located scenic road for easy sight seeing and over 100 miles of trails to explore, Lassen Volcanic is a great adventure just waiting for you.

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