Above is this weeks free desktop. Back once again this week to one of finest parks in America, Yosemite National Park. This park was formed in 1890 to preserve this spectacular portion of the Sierra Nevada which contains some truly staggering waterfalls, lush alpine meadows, stands of giant 1000+ year old sequoias, and some very intriguing, world famous formations of rock. The wonder of Yosemite has inspired poets, painters, photographers ( including my favorite Ansel Adams), visitors and yes, even yours truly. One of the most popular sections of this park is Yosemite Valley, a glacier-carved canyon which contains a couple of very famous formations (El Capitan and Half Dome) along with several beautiful waterfalls. This weeks photo features one of those formations, a shot of Half Dome near sunset mid-September 2005. I took this at the entrance to the Upper Pines Campground on my return from hiking to Mirror Lake, which just so happening to be at the foot of Half Dome and would have offered a wonderful shot of the color if someone would have been smart enough to stick around for another 30 minutes. (; I do want say as always, I truly do not consider myself to have the expertise to convey the true beauty of this park, the most I ever hope for with my photos is to give a brief glimpse of the wonders and hope to spark a desire to expand upon this in person. Without any doubt, Yosemite is a fantastic experience, it is so easy to spend days here and just scratch the surface of the possibilities. Personally, I plan as many days as possible here (hoping on 7+ this year) as there seems to never be to enough time for everything we want to do. If there is any doubt in your mind, take it from someone who drives over 2000 miles (one-way) to visit this park, really, this one is truly worth it!

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