Above is this weeks free desktop. It has been some time since I showcased a picture from this wonder, but this week we travel back for another look at Crater Lake National Park. For those not familiar with it, Crater Lake is known for it's brilliantly blue water, awe inspiring views and for being the deepest lake in the US. At 1943 ft deep (or 1932ft, I've seen it listed at both), this wonder formed in the collapsed remains of Mount Mazama, a volcano which experienced a cataclysmic eruption about 7,700 years ago. To a much lesser note, Crater Lake has some of the heaviest snowfall in the US, averaging 533 inches a year ( to save you from figuring, thats close to 44 ft. of snow yearly, ... anyone for building a few snowmen (: ). The photo this week was shot in September 2005 on the trail up to the top of Mount Scott, a wonder place to gain a real perspective of the area. You are looking west back over Crater Lake. The near rim is about 2.5 miles away, with the far rim being close to 7.5 miles away. On the far rim, center of the picture, the peak to the left is The Watchman and the one to the right is Hillman Peak. The "bump" in the water in front of them is close to 6.5 miles away and just happens to be one of the more famous features here, Wizard Island. Wizard Island is actually a new volcanic cone of this reforming, yet presently inactive volcano. There is a boat which goes out to Wizard Island and you can hike to the top of this 767 ft feature for another interesting perspective. I really have a soft spot for Crater Lake and find it to be a truly beautiful, amazing place. This is one which could take your breath away and inspire many return visits (it did for me, but I'm a sucker for all of our national parks (; ).

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