Above is this weeks free desktop. Back once again to this intriguing place in northeastern New Mexico, the Capulin Volcano National Monument. For those not familiar with it, Capulin is an extinct cinder cone volcano which rises more than 1300 ft above the surrounding plains and the symmetry of the volcano was retained as lava never actually flowed from the main crater but rather from the boca (Spanish for mouth) at the western base of the cone. The volcano's cone is formed of cinders, ash, and other rock debris which were spewed out the main vent during its eruptions. The photo offered this week was taken a couple of miles from the volcano and offers you a perfect view of Capulin. To the left of the photo, the bumpy area is the boca, where the lava flowed from the volcano. You can easily pick out the road which spirals around Capulin, to near the top and the beginning of the rim walk (if you look upper left on the volcano, you will see a light spot in the green, this is the parking area). The truly staggering panoramic views of the Raton-Clayton volcanic field from the rim trail make this a wonderful, very worthwhile stop to a little known park.

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