Above is this weeks free desktop. Back once again to a place which has been featured here many times, Arches National Park. Arches is located just outside Moab, UT and showcases amazing erosion sculptured rock with the main formations being in its name, arches. As I'm sure the "how an arch is formed" speech got old to the regulars visitors, it was dropped with last wallpaper from here (for those interested, this info can be found at the NPS site in the Links section). As has been the case with most of the recent offerings from Arches, this weeks photo is from the Devils Garden section which has a large number of sandstone fins and is home to some premiere arches. The shot this week is one of the better known arches, Landscape Arch. Landscape is the longest arch here measuring 306 feet from base to base. The trails in Devils Garden are really great as they take you right to some truly beautiful arches, while giving you a wonderful experience of walking through (and on) the fins and other rocks formations! At about 7 miles round trip with all the side trails, this is a fairly easy hike with close to half of this being on well maintained gravel paths (passed Landscape Arch the trails do get a bit tougher), but it is well worth the effort by giving you the opportunity to experience this area as it needs to be seen, close up. This is really a beautiful park and has more wonders than can be experienced in a single day. (:

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